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1 "The Snow-Estes Ancestry" gives the marriage date as 11 Feb 1654 Family: F457
2 Had 2 children.
Were living together at least part of 1948. 
Family: F608
3 Married by Charles Wheelock, J.P., of Milford Family: F466
4 Married by Ephraim Jones, Jr. Family: F494
5 Married by Rev. P. Thatcher Family: F481
6 Probably married Richard Thayer in England Family: F453
7 Died of a heart attack a week before Father's Day at about age 65. The story goes that he lived in an apartment across from the Rubber Mill. He was Chief of Police and the department couldn't afford to keep him as Chief because it was time for his pension, so they fired him and used volunteers instead. After being fired as Chief, he went to work at the Rubber Mill in Butler, NJ. He died there while taking a shower.
He rode a motorcycle with a sidecar. He would put all six kids on the bike and sidecar and drive them to go swimming. 
Foster Hargreaves (Young)
8 Birth date may be wrong, Had 1824, which is obviously wrong Mabel H. Baldwin
9 possibly born 1887 rather than 1881 George Rettie, Sr Barber
10 Served in Korean War Alfred Bates
11 Or possibly Phoebe Phebe Beach
12 Went to America in 1639, O. B. was entered a Freeman of Plymouth Colony, 1640, was one of the patentees of Connecticut, and one of the founders of Newark, NJ 1667 Obadiah Bruen
13 See: NJ Historical Collection Vol 6-Supplement page 113 Rebecca Bruen
14 Possibly born in 1549 Julian Collin (Juliana Colling)
15 daughter of Roger de Praers, and sister and sole heiress of Henery de Praers of Duddon Ellena de Praers
16 Worked for a bank, as a fireman, sometimes at the Rubber Mill, and for his church. Gordon T. Decker
17 After seperating from John, moved back with her mother. Her mother took care of Mabel's child (Mabel) while daughter worked. Mabel Decker
18 Daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Dedwode, of Chester ? Dedwode
19 Information from: Larry Hitchcock (hitchlh"at" Penelope Gardiner
20 Information from: Larry Hitchcock (hitchlh"at" Penelope Gardiner
21 From NY Times, April 17, 1902:
Smith - Clark - On Wednesday April 16, at high noon, at Grace Church Chapel, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by the rector, Rev. Thomas E. Greene. Frederick Hoffman Smith, third, of Newark, NJ, to Mary Hall Clark. 
Mary Constance Hall
22 Went to the seventh grade at Martha B. Day Elementry School, 225 Rafkind Rd., Bloomingdale, NJ. She lied about her age and dropped out of school at 15 yrs. instead of the legal age of 16. Mabel Ellen Hargreaves
23 Drowned William Hayward
24 Records were burned during the Revolution Presbyterian Church at "Connecticut Farme" now Union. Made his will 30 May 1745 Samuel Headley, Sr.
25 Was previously a carpenter at Balmoral James Hepburn
26 Graduated from Albany Medical College in 1841 David Wilcox Hiscox
27 Died in infancy, discrepency on birth date, also found as: 20 Dec 1852 Ella Hiscox
28 Died at 17 years Emma Hiscox
29 Lived on Lafayette Street, Albany, NY. Manufactured mathmatical and engineering instruments Gardner Hiscox
30 Died at age five Gardner David Hiscox
31 Some records show b. 1877, 1879 from cemetary records Harry Gardner Hiscox
32 Listed with the Westerly Militia; 1 Jun 1742, May 1743, May 1744, and May 1745. (Westerly, RI) Lt William Hiscox
33 Killed at Battle of Gettysburgh, Civil War. Sgt, 125th NY Regt from Troy, NY 21 years old Marshall Eberle Hiscox
34 Westerly Seventh-Day Baptist Church (Westerly, RI) Rev. Thomas Hiscox
35 Rev. William Hiscox, one of the founders of the first Seventh-Day Baptist Church in America and the church's first ordained minister. Rev. William Hiscox
36 Worked for NY Tel. Died near Staten Island when his car overturned Waldo David Hiscox
37 From website of Rensselaer County, NY interrments William Hiscox
38 Not sure if these are his parents. William Hiscox, Jr.
39 Fought in New York state Regiment in Civil War. Wounded Editor of Indianapolis, IN newspaper. Benjamin House
40 First address: apartment (two-family) on Bunker Hill, Patterson, NJ. Second address - Low Street, Patterson,NJ (two-family). Ben Kazmierczak
41 She probably died in England Jane Kember
42 Isaac Lewis Kip, a prominent lawyer in New York City, was a partner of Judge Brockholst Livingston. He was appointed Register of the Court of Chancery of NY State. In 1793-94 he was Librarian of the MY Society Library and was prominent in the Collegiate Dutch Church of New York, serving for 13 years as Clerk of the Consistory and for 20 years as Treasurer. In his will dated 8 Nov 1828, probated 14 Feb 1837, he mentioned three sons, three daughters, and a grandson, Isaac Leonard Kip Miller of Albany, NY Isaac Lewis Kip
43 sole daughter and heiress of Robert le Brun Emma le Brun
44 information from William MacQueen MI, Braemar Alexander MacQueen
45 Listed on the 1861 census as age 3 Alexander MacQueen
46 Date of death from family headstone in Braemar cemetery Christian MacQueen
47 Listed in 1841 as 10. Possibly a twin of Mary MacQueen Christian MacQueen
48 Listed in 1841 census as 13

Listed in 1851 census as 23, born in Braemar 
Henrietta MacQueen
49 Listed in the 1841 census as a Schoolmistress, age 19, living with her father Jane MacQueen
50 Information from John MacQueen

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